Corona Precautions

Whilst we are all managing to work in a new environment, where extra precautions are having to be taken, we are implementing these simple precautions:

Always make sure you have looked at property details thoroughly (and viewed the video tour if available) before deciding to book a viewing.

Only book viewings for properties once you have checked the affordability calculator on the home screen to ensure the property is right for you.

Once you have booked a time slot and had it confirmed via the property details page, we will meet you at the property for the viewing. If someone is already there viewing and waiting to finish, please wait until we are ready.

We will maintain a safe social distance, and we sanitise our hands before and after each viewing. It may be wise for you to do the same and we would encourage you to do so.

There will be no joint / bulk viewings. If you are viewing with a friend, family member or partner – please keep the number of viewers inside to 2 people.

With popular properties viewing slots will be allocated 15 minutes at a time, it would be appreciated if you are able to attend on the exact time you are allocated to avoid more than one person arriving at the same time. If you have run a little late, or arrive too early, please wait outside and we will try and accomodate the viewing as best as we can to ensure that different viewers are kept separate.

Should you want to apply for a property, all transactions after the viewing will be remote and managed either online or by telephone.

Thank you for helping us adapt and adopt to slightly different ways of working, your help is important to us and we very much appreciate your understanding of the changes we have made.